Luther Colloquy - "1522/2022: Lutheranism and the Status Quo," to feature distinguished scholars

October 18, 2022

Luther Colloquy
October 26, 9AM - 4PM
ULS Gettysburg campus and via Zoom

ULS is excited to host the 2022 Luther Colloquy and bring distinguished scholars to the seminary.

The year 1522 was decisive in the history of the Reformation—Luther repudiated the push for rapid, iconoclastic changes to worship led by his one-time ally Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt, aligned himself with a prince-led Reformation, and published his prayerbook and his translation of the New Testament to shape the piety of the “common person.”  This year’s Luther Colloquy examines how Luther secured the endurance of the Lutheran Reformation and asks what we can learn for good or for ill. How did Lutheranism establish itself as the status quo and what resources for a theological challenge to the status quo remained and remain?

Speakers: Volker Leppin, Amy Nelson Burnett, R. Guy Erwin (ULS President), Monica Melanchthon

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8:30 AM
Registration opens

9:00 AM

9:15 AM –10:15 AM|
Carl Rasmussen Lecture I
Cutting the Roots or Transforming Them? Luther and Mysticism After 1522” (Volker Leppin)

 10:30 AM –11:30 AM
Carl Rasmussen Lecture II
Karlstadtand the Zwickau Prophets: A Cautionary Tale” (Amy Nelson Burnett) 

11:30 AM –Noon

Noon – 12:45
Monica Melanchthon preaching

 1:45 PM –2:45 PM
The George and Janet Harkins Lecture i
“Crossing Borders, Making Connections: Luther Gains Allies Outside Saxony” (R. Guy Erwin) 

3:00 PM –4:00 PM
George and Janet Harkins Lecture II
“Sola Scriptura as Invitation: Reading Hagar; Reading Luther” (Monica Melanchthon)