Julie Ritter

Julie began her career at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in 1999, as the Faculty Secretary. In spring semester 2000, Julie was promoted to the Administrative Assistant to the Dean until 2010, when her position expanded to include Assistant Registrar. At the time of the merger, Julie was hired as the Registrar and Senior Assistant to the Dean. Julie’s responsibilities include being the Veteran Affairs certification officer and the Designated Official for SEVIS (Homeland Security).

Julie's responsibilities include:
Registrar and Enrollment Services – course planning and registration, process cross registration for students to take courses at institution that ULS has cross-registration agreements with, process transcript requests, sending grades to ecclesiastical representatives, preparing academic calendars, and graduation planning.

Dean’s office – Liaison with Adjunct professors, Serve as Primary Designated School Official for SEVIS, Updating the catalog and Student Handbook.

"It has been an honor and a privileged to serve the students, faculty, staff and members of this community."

Mailing address:
61 Seminary Ridge
Gettysburg, PA 17325