Meet the United Lutheran Seminary Alumni Association (TULSAA)

TULSAA was officially formed in January 2020, after the merging of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg Alumni Boards. The purpose of this association is to encourage a closer relationship of former students with each other and the seminary; to foster the area of continuing education among alumni; to promote the welfare of the seminary including financial support; and, to serve as a liaison between administration and the alumni constituency.

Please welcome your new Alumni Board and its executive members:

Rev. Brian Armen
Rev. Dr. Donald Green (President)
Rev. Frederick Neu (Vice President)
Rev. Jacob Simpson
Rev. Joshua McCaffery
Rev. Kelley Ketcham
Rev. John Nelson
Ms. Andrea Garnett (Secretary)
Rev. Tamika Jancewicz 
Rev. Regina Diggs
Rev. Brian Campbell
Rev. Joseph Veres
Rev. Susan Ruggles (Exec. Committee)
Rev. Judith Ann Cobb
Rev. Scott E. Schul
Rev. David Anglada
Rev. Joel Petruschke
Deacon Ellen Doughty
Deacon Susan Gerrard