Student Life at ULS

Students at ULS, whether they reside on campus, commute or are part of our Distributed Learning Community, are involved with a variety of activities throughout the year. While some are “campus-specific,” in that they take place either in Philadelphia or Gettysburg, all are open to ULS students. ULS also has a Student Council, elected annually by fellow students and consisting of representatives from all three communities. Students are also invited to seminary events throughout the year such as visits by ELCA bishops, holiday celebrations and other events planned by the Office of the President. Also, Kindling Faith Continuing Education events that charge a fee, are free for students. Lastly, our students look out for one another, reaching out through social media when someone is in need of assistance, whether it’s a ride somewhere, help moving furniture or just to gather and socialize. 

Worship Life always strives to provide opportunities for students to get involved in ULS chapel service, both in person and online, especially serving as lectors and assisting ministers. Please get in touch with any member of the Worship Life Team if you want to participate.

Luther Bowl 2023 on the Gettysburg campus
ULS student as part of President Erwin's inauguration service

Here are examples of activities planned/hosted/sponsored by our students:

  • Maintaining the food pantries on both campuses
  • Planning Martin Luther King, Jr. Day events 
  • Morning prayer
  • Participate in Worship Life
  • Annual Luther Bowl
  • Movie nights and bonfires
  • Thanksgiving ("Friendsgiving") dinners
  • Prom night
  • Virtual happy hours and community breakfasts
  • Community garden
  • Christmas parties
  • "Coffee talks" via Discord
  • ULS representation at Gettysburg Pride Fest
Student organized events during intensives

ULS at Gettysburg Pride Fest
Student organized bonfire on the Gettysburg campus
ULS students joined those from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Germany along with Bishop Elizabeth Eaton