Kindling Faith: Center for Sabbath Rest and Formation

Kindling Faith Continuing Education is a new approach to learning beyond degree programs at the seminary. All "Kindling Faith" events can be found on the ULS online calendar.

Kindling Faith will expand upon previous programs and events through ongoing collaborative efforts with a thinktank group consisting of alumni and friends of the seminary, who will contribute ideas on program development and best practices. Programs and events will be offered throughout the year via Zoom and in person on both the Gettysburg and Philadelphia campuses of ULS.

The phrase, “Kindling Faith,” comes from the hymn How Small our Span of Life (ELW#636), the text of which was written by Rev. Dr. Herman G. Stuempfle, former president of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. The full text reads:

         We thank you, God, for kindling faith that lights our transient years,
         Illumining our pilgrimage through mists of doubt and fears;
         For hope that sees a life beyond the swiftly passing days;
         For love both human and divine, that lifts our hearts to praise.

For more information, contact Rev. Dr. Martin Otto-Zimmann at