Anglican Studies Program

United Lutheran Seminary and its predecessor institutions have long cultivated fruitful ecumenical partnerships with the Episcopal Church through cooperation with area dioceses and the contributions of many Anglican/Episcopal faculty and community members. Today, ULS remains an excellent option for Episcopal seminarians who are seeking a world class, ecumenical theological education with an Anglican inflection. Our Anglican Studies program provides candidates for holy orders and lay students alike the opportunity to access the unsurpassed flexibility of the ULS MDiv and MA degree programs as well as our generous financial aid.

Anglican/Episcopal students at ULS receive the same signature formation in Bible, History, Theology, and ministerial Praxis that our other students receive. Additionally, they also access Anglican formation through our elective Anglican Studies courses, the unique year-long and cohort based Anglican Studies Seminar, and the wealth of Anglican/Episcopal cross-registration course options available to all students in the Washington Theological Consortium.

The following degree programs include an Anglican Studies option:

Master of Divinity (MDiv) Master of Divinity (MDiv) with an Anglican Studies Concentration: Requires at least four courses in Anglican Studies plus demonstrated experience in Anglican/Episcopal settings.

Master of Arts (MA) with an Anglican Studies Specialization: Requires five courses in Anglican Studies plus a thesis in the topic area of Anglican/Episcopal studies.

For more information on the Anglican Studies program at ULS, please contact Rev. Dr. Reed Carlson, Director of Anglican Studies.