Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman


Ph.D. - Yale University
M. Phil. - Yale University
M.A. - Yale University
M.Div. - Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary
B.A. - University of Illinois

The Rev. Dr. Mark Vitalis Hoffman has a passion for teaching in the service of the Church. His fourteen years of parish experience in Minnesota and North Dakota were often focused on Christian education and were complemented by opportunities to teach at Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) and to direct the GIFTS program of lay leadership and education in the Eastern ND Synod. He continues to be active in lay education through his involvement in local parishes as well as at the synodical level, summer Bible camps, and online course offerings.

Dr. Vitalis Hoffman has a clear sense of how Scripture is not simply a resource for scholarly reflection but a life source for Christians and for the Church as we seek to practice our faith. While primarily a New Testament scholar, his dissertation on “Psalm 22 and the Crucifixion of Jesus” exemplifies his interest in the coherence of the whole corpus of Scripture. Recent areas of research include narrative, reader-response, and performance approaches to the Gospel of Mark and presentations of the parables of Jesus that highlight their experiential character. He has also studied the implications of and employed new technologies as they relate to enhancing Christian education and future expressions of the Church, including an occasional MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) surveying the Bible lands. Biblical geography and archaeology are also topics of interest, and he enjoys leading groups to the Bible lands where he can also practice his photography hobby.

Dr. Vitalis Hoffman’s wife, Kathy, is also a pastor; together they have two daughters.


Dr. Vitalis Hoffman’s extensive production of digital resources can be found at CrossMarks and ScrollandScreen.

Mailing address:
61 Seminary Ridge
Gettysburg, PA 17325