View ULS weather policy and procedures, as well as any recent weather updates, below.

Weather Policy & Procedures

  • All information about closings on both ULS campuses will be distributed via the ULS Twitter feed.
  • The status of each campus will be announced via Twitter as early as possible; however, at the latest, it will be updated by 7 a.m. of the day in question.
  • If a campus is closed, it is closed for all students, faculty and staff. Only essential personnel are required to report if a campus is closed.
  • If a campus is closed, all classes on that campus are cancelled. Students are obligated to contact their professors on the day of the closing by the regular class time to find out alternative class arrangements.
  • If you are a student who attends a Sync class via a Zoom room, and your campus is closed but the other campus is open, contact your professor by the regular class time for instructions.
  • Students should contact their professors directly. Professors should contact IT for any necessary assistance.
  • If a campus is closed, chapel on that campus is cancelled.
  • For students on the Gettysburg campus, Biggerstaff and Refectory staff will make every effort to ensure regular meal service is available for those with meal plans. However, students should be aware that if a weather incident is severe enough, they may have to make alternative food arrangements. Food pantries are available on both campuses with free food available to students. For more information on the food pantries, contact Courtney Smith at for the Philadelphia campus and Andrew Berdahl at for the Gettysburg campus.
  • Our first consideration when making a closure decision will be the safety of all members of our community.

Latest Weather Updates

All weather-related updates are made via the ULS Twitter feed, @LutheranUnited.