Weather and Other Alerts

The ULS inclement weather policy, listed below, has been revised for Winter 2021.
Alerts will also be posted to this page as needed.

Inclement weather policy for winter 2020/2021

The decision to close either or both campuses due to inclement weather will be made by President Erwin in collaboration with Operations staff on both campuses. Since classes are being held online this year, the decision to close will not impact class schedules. If one or both campuses are closed due to weather, non-essential staff who were planning to work from campus should work remotely.
An email and text notification will be sent out in addition to a post on the ULS weather Twitter and general Facebook pages. If you have not yet signed  up for ULS text alerts, we strongly encourage you do to so here. 

Mail and Food Pantries: The exterior doors to mailrooms on both campuses will be unlocked so students can retrieve mail and access the food pantry in Valentine Hall. However, if a campus is closed, mail will not be sorted on that day. The food pantry in Wiedemann will be accessible as usual.

Latest Weather Updates

All weather-related updates are made via the ULS Twitter feed, @LutheranUnited.