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ULS Fall Convocation - Zoom Mode

Both Campuses

Thursday, September 24, 11:45-1:15

Gettysburg Campus

Thursday, September 24, 11:45-1:15

Virtual - held via Zoom

Thursday, September 24, 11:45-1:15


Thursday, September 24, 11:45-1:15

The Fall Convocation will be held on 3 consecutive Thursdays, September 10, 17 and 24 from 11:45-1:15, to allow engagement and respite from the daily hectic nature of the world and work.

Together with members of the Outreach Team of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service(LIRS), United Lutheran Seminary offers an opportunity to engage in ways to build ministries of welcome. Recurring themes throughout scripture to love the neighbor and extend hospitality to alien, sojourner, and stranger issues a call to each and all believers. In the Entertaining Angels training, LIRS strives to accompany people of faith as they hear this call and discern what shape that will take in their lives,individually and as communities of faith.

Meaningful Dialogue and Move to Action: Rev. Sara Lilja, Executive Director of Lutheran Episcopal Advocacy Ministry of NJ, will lead us in a model for engaging in difficult conversations around complex problems. There will be opportunity to engage in breakout rooms around these topics and a chance to hear back from each room:

              Advocacy – Meet with Tracey De Pasquale, Director of Lutheran Advocacy Ministry of PA to learn about the Presidential Determination and how to write a letter/make a call to members of congress about this Determination.

              Food Security – Meet with an immigrant who has experience with food insecurity and the realities of this, and Dr. Mark Leidy, Superintendent of Mechanicsburg Area School District, who created a feeding program to meet the needs of families experiencing food insecurity during Covid-19. Learn how congregations and communities can become involved in making sure all have access to food.

            Distance Learning – Engage with Shelby Kruczek of Lutheran Social Services, National Capitol Area, to learn how to engage community in supporting distance learning and enrichment for refugee families in deeply critical right now!

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