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Theological Education with Youth

July 13-20, 2019

The TEY one-week summer Academy is for high school students to live in an intentional Christian community on the Gettysburg campus of United Lutheran Seminary.

TEY Academy provides a challenging and intensive encounter centered around worship, reflection on scripture, service, table fellowship, rest and play.

Theological Education with Youth is called to cherish, respect, dwell with and learn with high school youth as practicing theologians and dynamic disciples of Christ. We seek to amplify a reflective and constructive love of theology in service to the gospel, and to invite young people to express that love in leadership, including leadership in God’s church.

This year’s Summer Academy Theme: Lutherans’ & The Bible

Two academies wrapped into 1! Learn the theological components of how Lutheran’s read the Bible and then build your leadership skills on how that reading shapes your voice and your actions in the world. We will spend time understanding how Lutheran’s read the bible, what that lens looks like and why it matters to us as Lutheran Christians. We will then learn how this lens shapes our public voice for advocacy and change in the world around you. Small group experiences with seminarians from United Lutheran Seminary

TEY Academy takes place on the Gettysburg campus of  United Lutheran Seminary  Questions?  Contact TEY Director Chelle Huth at (717)338-3038 or chuth@uls.edu The deadline is July 1, 2019.

Scholarships are available for those with financial need. Financial concerns will not keep accepted applicants from participating.

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