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Kindling Faith: Wine, Cheese & Chocolate - You Who are Weary, Come and Find Rest

July 30-August 4, 2023

Look. We get it. Things haven’t been normal (whatever that means) since the time before Covid. Being a rostered leader in the church (or the spouse of a rostered leader) has not been easy. In fact, sometimes it has just been one $##@(#& after the other. And maybe you want a chance to get away for a week that has a little bit of structure, but not a lot. Well, this is the event for you. Here’s the schedule:
Bible Study
Happy Hour (that’s the wine, cheese, and chocolate part)  
Dinner All the spaces in between are yours to do whatever you want. We offer guest passes to the YWCA, our amazing Seminary Ridge Museum, meals catered by The Ragged Edge café, Bible Study with Pastor Joe Vought, and everything else Gettysburg has to offer from Civil War stuff to escape rooms and axe-throwing. Yes, you read that right—axe-throwing. In short, this is a low stress, minimal obligation, time to get away and breathe. You’ll be in good company.

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Martin Otto-Zimmann