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Kindling Faith: Sacred Places Transitions Seminar

September 28-30,2023

NOTE: Date changed from June to September

Partners for Sacred Places is the only national non-sectarian, non-profit organization devoted to helping congregations and their communities sustain and actively use older and historic sacred places. Partners helps congregations and others with a stake in older religious properties make the most of them as civic assets in ways that benefit people of all faiths. Partners was founded in 1989 on the premise that:

• Older sacred places are vibrant and productive centers of congregational life and outreach that benefit the public at large; and

• They are often at risk when congregations experience declining memberships and resources.

Partners’ Transition Services are designed to empower faith communities to faithfully and creatively deal with a challenging period of transition, and adopt a community-minded approach that sustains their sacred places as uses and/or ownership changes.


Event contact

Martin Otto-Zimmann