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Kindling Faith: Fostering Spiritual Resilience

Feb. 29, 2024 9AM - 3PM
Gettysburg and online

Forty Days in the Wilderness Getting You Down?

This workshop will focus on nurturing our spiritual needs and caring for our souls as we engage in Christ’s meaningful work with Dr. Elaine Heath.

“We are at the forefront of a new reformation, one that is freeing the Christian faith from the sinful structures of patriarchy, racism, classism, many phobias, and exploitive forms of mission and evangelism. The new reformation is all about the emergence of a generous, hospitable, equitable form of Christianity that heals the wounds of the world. I believe much of the work for the church in the years ahead must focus on healing the wounds inflicted by Christendom so that the beauty and inclusive goodness of the Gospel can be heard, seen, and experienced. My work as an author, speaker, retreat leader, and consultant focuses on helping leaders and organizations lean into the healing, liberating, and spiritually transformative journey into which God is calling the church in this new era.” – Elaine Heath



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Martin Otto-Zimmann