Kindling Faith: Building a Narrative Budget

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Both Campuses

October 15 , 2022 10am-3pm

Gettysburg Campus

October 15 , 2022 10am-3pm
October 15 , 2022 10am-3pm

October 15 , 2022 10am-3pm

Jim Wallis of Sojourners once said federal budgets are moral documents that reflect the nation’s values. In their book, Church Administration, Robert Bacher and Michael Cooper-White claim that budgets are “deeply doctrinal documents” that give evidence of what we believe. How we spend our money—as individuals and congregations—tells who we are and to what we give priority.

Since many people say they “glaze over” when presented with numbers, some parish leaders have discovered the value of a “narrative budget” approach. This workshop is all about the art of crafting budget presentations that translate numbers on a spreadsheet into a “show and tell” of how the Holy Spirit is at work in a community of God’s faithful. It will also underscore the importance of tying budgeting to planning and offer models for parish direction-setting.

ULS Gettysburg Campus or online.

$25 in person (includes lunch), $10 online

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Kindling Faith: Building a Narrative Budget

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