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Fall Convocation

Both Campuses

September 23rd, 2020

Gettysburg Campus

September 23rd, 2020

Philadelphia Campus

September 23rd, 2020

United Lutheran Seminary offers Entertaining Angels: Engaging and Equipping Congregations for Ministries of Welcome.
The Outreach Team of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service seeks to fulfill the LIRS vision of “protecting, embracing and empowering migrants and refugees” by engaging congregations in discerning their response to God’s call to love the neighbor and welcome the stranger, and bye quipping people of faith to respond to their call to offer welcome and refuge.
This event provides an opportunity for people of faith to hear again the biblical mandate to care for one’s neighbor and welcome the stranger. The day’s activities provide stories that help individuals and congregations find their place in the unfolding saga of Lutheran welcome and hospitality. Participants meet and interact with representative from local organizations and agencies who provide services for migrants and refugees.Congregational groups devise a plan for how they will seek to discover what God is doing in their neighborhood and cultivate relationships with the new comers in their communities. Participants leave with the assurance that they can turn to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service for resources (worship, education,advocacy) and consultations to support their commitment to respond to God’s call to offer refuge and welcome.

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Fall Convocation

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Chelle Huth

Director of Lifelong Learning, Certificate Studies & Adjunct Faculty, Field Formation