ULS Partners with Gettysburg Black History Museum

The Gettysburg Black History Museum will have new office and storage space on the ULS Gettysburg campus, beginning in June. The two organizations are working together to provide room for artifacts and office space in Valentine Hall where the seminary bookstore was once located. The arrangement is intended to provide transitional support for the GBHM until it finds a permanent home.

Members of the Gettysburg Black History Museum board are enthusiastic about having new space to grow the mission of the organization.  Board President, Jane Nutter, shared, “On behalf of the Gettysburg Black History Museum, Inc.  we are proud to share the vision of Mary Alice Nutter’s  journey on the path to building a Gettysburg Black History Museum here in Gettysburg  with the help of United Lutheran Seminary. A museum that will educate, preserve and inspire all those who visit.  We will be telling the story of Gettysburg Black History in the words, photos and artifacts from Gettysburg’s Black Community.    Heretofore, this important part of Gettysburg’s history has either been appropriated and or ignored.  We owe it to all of us to tell the entire story.  Our story is not only our story it is American History.  This is an exciting endeavor and is supported by a cadre of very special Board members, working very hard to make this vision happen. It is very important to note, the Seminary has over the years supported Gettysburg’s Black Community, when it comfortable nor easy.   We thank them for their continued courageous support.”

“As an institution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America that is committed to working toward authentic diversity, we are grateful that the Black History Museum would choose to reside here in Valentine Hall,” said President Erwin. “The long story of the African American community in Gettysburg is an essential part of our historical narrative—it is crucial that these stories are preserved for future generations.”

Members of the Museum Board hope to start moving into Valentine Hall in mid-June. There will be a public welcoming event in the Fall once the seminary campus is re-opened to the general public. President Erwin will give a blessing and members of the museum board will be able to speak with visitors about their future plans. More information about the museum can be found on their website at gettysburgblackhistory.org.


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