Statement from the ULS Presidential Search Committee

Statement from the Presidential Search Committee
January 30, 2020


Dear ULS Community,


As the new year begins, we want to update you on the progress of the ongoing search for a new president of United Lutheran Seminary and speak in general terms about where we are going into 2020.


During the fall 2019 semester, a number of listening sessions were had to allow all of our constituencies to have a voice in developing the criteria that will eventually be critical in determining the next president of ULS. The Presidential Search Committee is very grateful that so many in the greater ULS community took the time to participate. Your input is vital to the presidential search process.


Perhaps the greatest discovery coming out of the listening sessions is the revelation of so many common concerns, goals, and aspirations across our campuses and the constituencies that make up the greater ULS community. There is a great hunger for leadership and urgency for us to move forward, as well as a universal commitment to diversity at a number of levels including geography, politics, race, sexuality, and language, as well as equity and inclusion. The naming of our common aspirations, concerns, and commitments will be foundational in developing the requirements, characteristics, and attributes we will be seeking in ULS’ next president.


As many of you are aware, after one failed listening session, the Presidential Search Committee paused to work with Academic Search to adjust personnel and provide a new opportunity to participate for those affected by the failed listening session. Having worked through these things in the late autumn, the Presidential Search Committee is moving forward with the development of the search criteria.


Currently, the Presidential Search Committee is in the process of developing the document that contains the requirements, characteristics and attributes of the next president and formulating the formal presidential search ad which will be distributed nationally to solicit candidates.

As the Presidential Search Committee continues to gather momentum, it is our hope to recommend a new president to the board of trustees later this spring, although our work may be affected by the schedules of those who apply for the position, particularly as they may be involved in other institutions.


Please hold the work of the Presidential Search Committee in your prayers. We trust that God will continue to guide our work, and we are confident that the Holy Spirit will guide us in choosing the right candidate to lead ULS into the future.


Dr. Tommie L. Robinson, Jr.                                                Bishop Michael Rhyne

Co-Chair                                                                                Co-Chair

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