Preachers Ivan P. Kavoleff & Eric Goode Representing ULS in Virtual Sermon Slam Nov. 14th @ 7 pm

Preachers Ivan P. Kavoleff and Eric Goode will be representing ULS in Washington Theological Consortium's Annual Sermon Slam Sat. Nov. 14, 2020, 7:00pm - 8:45pm
The text this year calls us to return to the basic work and witness of the Gospel, especially in this election season: Matthew 25:37-40

JOIN US for this virtual evening of inspiration, challenge, & fun! RSVP below:

Like a poetry slam, where artists share their work to an admiring public, the Annual Sermon Slam brings preachers from each of the Consortium schools to share their homiletical gifts and personal styles. Each preacher prepares of mini-homily of five minutes… then there is a “lightning round” where each one “pulls a passage out of a hat” and quickly prepares a two minute exposition! One of the most popular events planned by the Consortium Student Board, the Slam celebrates different traditions of preaching and the unique voice and style of each preacher there.

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