New School, New Brand

In a world of electronic media, communication in tweets and blog posts, where everyone is bombarded with symbols and pictures and words seemingly every second of every day, it’s important for institutions to have symbols easily associated with them. Our new ULS brand, logo, and accompanying branding materials will serve that purpose.

The process to design our new brand began last summer, when the ULS Communications Department kicked off the design process with over 200 logo mockups to choose from. The Brand Development Task Force, with student, faculty, staff, and alumni representation, whittled that number down to a final six. Focus groups and surveys came up with a clear choice, with the new “U” logo receiving the overwhelming majority of votes.

According to Task Force member Biblical Studies Professor Rev. Dr. Mark Hoffman, every aspect of the design incorporates symbolism as well. The design, a “U” symbolizing United Lutheran Seminary, is pulled together by the cross on the left side, signifying the joining of two institutions and our unity, as Christians, in Christ. The cross is our foundation, but also pulls us together and sends us into the future as one. Blue symbolizes heaven and eternity, and gold signifies things that are precious and valuable. The white that runs through it symbolizes purity, as well as the Light of the world whom we worship.

The Communications Department staff and all who participated in the nearly year-long process were determined to make the new logo and brand the best they could be. Our new brand will speak for us to the public, and will become a symbol to the world of all that we are as an institution.

You will begin to see the new brand and logo in online and print publications, on signs and other communications, on and off our campuses. Look for clothing and other merchandise with the new brand soon.

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