Explore United: Upcoming Discernment Days on both campuses

Is God calling you? Come and visit ULS in person on either campus and learn more from our faculty, staff and students. Register below.

Explore United is an event for anyone who has ever wondered how God might be calling them to serve. This event is for Christians of different denominations to come together in a space to think, worship, converse and pray.

Explore United is intended to help you discover where and why God might be calling you. It is a great opportunity to meet people from across the country.

Explore United is a chance to: experience different worship styles; participate in discernment exercises; speak with current seminary students, and learn about United Lutheran Seminary’s (ULS) admissions processes and degree options.

Explore United is not: just for Lutherans; a sales pitch; just for those who want to be pastors or deacons.

Is God calling you? We don’t want money to be a barrier to answering this question.

Come visit ULS on the Philadelphia or Gettysburg campus!

Sat. March 4, 10AM - 4PM Philadelphia. Register here.

Sat. April 1, 10AM - 4PM Gettysburg. Register here.

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