Dr. June Hee Yoon to serve as the Louisville Institute’s Postdoctoral Fellow at United Lutheran Seminary

June 28, 2021

United Lutheran Seminary is pleased to announce that Dr. June Hee Yoon has been awarded the Louisville Institute’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Fellowship as of July 1 , 2021. The Louisville Fellowship supports a two-year visiting professorship at a North American theological school, college, or university. Fellows are accompanied by an academic and pastoral mentor and participate in a peer cohort that meets six times over two years. Dr. Yoon’s title is Visiting Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics and Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow. This fall, she will teach courses in Philadelphia with a Zoom option. 

“We at ULS are delighted that our partnership with the Louisville Institute will be deepened through Dr. June Hee Yoon, who was a participant at the Asia Theological Summer Institute during the time of her doctoral studies,” said Rev. Dr. J. Jayakiran Sebastian, Dean of the Seminary and Vice President of Student Services. “The areas of expertise that she embodies will enrich our curriculum, and we look forward to all that she will bring to our work at ULS.”

As a Christian social ethicist, Dr. Yoon aspires to provide a Christian ethical lens to future church leaders and believes the moral health and wellbeing of the existing Christian communities are largely dependent upon the Church’s sensitivity to the outcries of the people who have been neglected and silenced. Therefore, the lens for the marginalized is a prerequisite for theological education. Dr. Yoon believes that such theological education equips church leaders to implement their understanding of God and human society to be built upon a firm ground of liberative theo-ethical perspective.

Integrating liberative methodology with a feminist liberational and queer theological perspective, Dr. Yoon’s research focuses on mining subjugated knowledge from the experiences of the marginalized. While analyzing the everyday life of Christians, especially those experiences of the marginalized, Dr. Yoon criticizes, reconstructs, and theorizes existing Christian ethical norms and church practices to actively work toward the liberation of the marginalized. Her dissertation, Envisioning Home with Queer Holiness at the Core: A Case of Korean American Christian Communities, constructs a path to imagine a community where such liberating Christian norms and practices can take place.

Dr. Yoon is pastoring part-time at Waterloo Village United Methodist Church in Stanhope New Jersey. She holds a B.A. from Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea; M.Div. from Drew University; S.T.M. from Yale University; and Ph.D. from Drew University. 


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