Dining In, Reaching Out

A few times each year, members of St. James Lutheran Church in downtown Gettysburg come together to prepare dinner for ULS students. The dinner is held in the seminary refectory and all students and their families are invited to attend. This past March, the dinner was held during a week of Intensive classes. Because so many students from both the Gettysburg, Philadelphia, and Distance Learning campuses were on campus for the Intensives, it was a wonderful opportunity for fellowship amongst different members of the community. The week-long Intensive class schedule is not easy for students, so heading to the refectory for a home-cooked meal after several days of classes was a great gift from the St. James Community.

St. James has been committed to supporting the seminarians through these events for several years. With every dinner, the relationship between the seminary community and the congregation grows. Seminarian Karl Muhlbach, who has attended several of the St. James dinners, describes the dinners by saying, “They don’t just give us food, but they also have conversation. It’s such a blessing to have such a supportive church right next to campus.” St. James Social Ministry Committee Co-Chair and lead dinner organizer, Priscilla Shuba, feels that the dinners are an important way to show love and support to the seminarians. “We’re very glad to have them here and think it’s important to support them. This is our little way of doing it. Tonight we had a wonderful group of people come, we’re enjoying it and I think they did too. I know it’s a nice blessing for them and provides a bit of a respite too.”

United Lutheran Seminary is deeply enriched through partnerships with local congregations such as St. James in Gettysburg. Seminarians are so grateful for the wonderful expressions of hospitality and generosity offered by the St. James community. The food is most certainly delicious, but it is the genuine expressions of love and support from St. James that have the greatest impact on the seminary community. Seminarians and St. James’ members look forward to enjoying sharing many delicious meals and conversations in the future!

Here's a video of the event!

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