Summer Updates

from Interim President Dr. Richard Green

ULS President’s Newsletter | Summer Term 2018-19

Volume II, Issue 13

As we reach the midpoint of summer, I am reminded of the summer heat in Arizona. The summers there are much drier than the ones here in Pennsylvania, but temperatures average 100°F (it reached a record high of 117°F in 1990). My wife, Dorothy, returned to Tucson in December and told me she would come back to Pennsylvania once it was warm again. Now that it’s warm, she said she’ll come back to PA once the rain stops. At the rate the rain is coming down now, who knows when she’ll return to PA.

Scientists predict that rainstorms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters will only get worse in the coming years due to global climate change unless we act now. These changes are daunting, but together we can ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren. The same can be said for our seminary.

Over the past year and a half, we have gone through a number of changes: new classes of students, graduating 68 church leaders, hiring new faculty, and saying goodbye to beloved faculty and staff. While some of these changes are joyous, others are difficult, and we mourn the loss of the friendship, knowledge, expertise, and contributions of every kind to United Lutheran Seminary. Throughout all these changes, we will move forward confidently in our mission of Unifying, Learning, and Serving.

I encourage you to view the Significant Events & Updates below to see several exciting updates from the life of our seminary.

Divine Creator, together we move forward through these changes, calling upon our Lord Jesus Christ to grant us safe passage and send blessings upon our students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the rest of the ULS community.


Richard Green
Interim President
United Lutheran Seminary

Significant Events & Updates


As we prepare for the fall semester, we want to extend our gratitude toward Karol Mason and Mariam Nowar for their years of service to LTSP and ULS. We wish them well in their future endeavors and pray for blessings upon them!

We have hired a temporary staff member, Christina Shaw, to assist the finance department with Mariam’s departure. For housing and events on the Philadelphia campus, please contact Lyn Jackson.

Churchwide Assembly

The ELCA Churchwide Assembly will be taking place the week of August 5th in Milwaukee, WI. Martin Zimmann, ULS Director of Church Relations, Maria Erling, Professor of Modern Church History and Global Mission, and myself are heading to Milwaukee to attend. I am excited to attend and to have dinner and conversation with the Bishops of the Region 7 & 8 synods. During the Assembly, the leaders of the seven ELCA seminaries will meet to discuss mutual concerns as well as review new initiatives, including our ongoing efforts to address and dismantle racism in the church and our nation.


As part of our Lifelong Learning program, Theological Education for Adults/Youth took place on our Gettysburg campus last week. Learn more about this year’s TEA and TEY programs.

Alumni Engagement

Our Vice President for Advancement, Angela Zimmann, is facilitating several listening sessions for all alumni to attend in areas where we have the highest concentration of alumni. These gatherings are intended to help determine the best way forward in partnership between the seminary and our alumni, from The Lutheran Theological Seminaries at Philadelphia and Gettysburg, and from United Lutheran Seminary itself. Learn about those sessions here and RSVP to today.

Ongoing Searches

ULS is currently searching for a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to assist in our efforts to be a more inviting, welcoming, and inclusive community. We are also searching for a Director of Communications to lead our communications and marketing efforts. More information about open positions can be found following those links.

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