From My Desk to Yours: The Work Goes On

from Interim President Dr. Richard Green

ULS President’s Newsletter | Spring Term 2018-19

Volume II, Issue 4

We’ve experienced some grim winter weather this month, but the work of God’s church goes on. The Apostle Paul was not stopped by a shipwreck and an unplanned visit to the Island of Malta, so we should not be deterred by a little snow and ice! As always, check the weather page for information on closings.

Bishops’ Visit

We were graced by the presence of ten bishops from ELCA Regions 7 and 8 last week. The Gettysburg campus made them most welcome, and we were able to share both a productive time of exchanging information, and a Spirit-filled time of fellowship with them.

The bishops attended a community meal with Holden Evening Prayer afterward and attended Wednesday Eucharist in the Gettysburg chapel Church of the Abiding Presence. The Rev. Dr. Angela Zimmann preached on unity, and Rev. Dr. John Largen, the Dean of the Gettysburg Chapel, presided.

The bishops had breakfast with seminary staff, had a meeting with faculty members, and participated in an extensive discussion with members of the President’s Cabinet about ULS’s plans for a sustainable future of theological education. The Bishops also raised questions about discernment and formation and student life.

The Bishops concluded their visit with a Gettysburg tradition, Beer and Hymns (which is just what it sounds like — a very enjoyable event!) led by Gettysburg Campus students Holly Gainor and Margaret Folkemer.

In these uncertain times for the church (and the country and world) it is reassuring to know that the leaders who are consecrated to us are caring, intelligent and extremely competent. We are grateful for their support and partnership in this ministry and look forward to hosting them next year on the Philadelphia campus!

Welcome & Equity Statement

In their last meeting, the Board of Trustees approved the new ULS Welcome and Equity Statement. Thanks and kudos go to all — students, staff, alumni and faculty alike — who took the time and made the effort to give their input on this very important piece of our commitment to extending justice and the love of Christ to all.

Farewell to a Beloved Staff Member

Finally, I am saddened to announce that Chief of Staff Joe Carlucci has accepted a position outside ULS. Joe has been an enthusiastic presence with an infectious laugh and an extremely effective contributor to the life and work of the ULS Community; he will be missed. Staff member Evan M. Brock will be stepping in to cover Joe’s responsibilities.

Loving God, our Just Ruler, our Protector and our Comforter, thank you for the leadership we are blessed with in the bishops of your church, chosen with the aid of your Holy Spirit to serve us and guide us. Help us to welcome your will into our lives with glad hearts and rejoicing and help us always to share your love in fellowship with the community of believers wherever and whenever we gather. All this we ask in the name of your son, our savior Jesus Christ.


Richard Green
Interim President
United Lutheran Seminary

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