From My Desk to Yours: Labors of Love

from Interim President Dr. Richard Green

ULS President’s Newsletter | Spring Term 2018-19

Volume II, Issue 6

There are many different elements that make up a great institution of higher learning:

  • Excellent facilities;
  • A committed, intelligent student body;
  • Dedicated staff members working hard;
  • And perhaps most importantly, faculty who are engaged with teaching and scholarship.

At ULS, we are certainly blessed with all of the above, but it has recently come to my attention that a significant number of our faculty, emeritus faculty, alumnae, and students have distinguished themselves by having scholarly work published.

Of note are the following members of the ULS community who have works on the Spring publishing list at Fortress Press.

Rev. Dr. Mark Vitalis Hoffman, Glatfelter Professor of Biblical Studies, is publishing Atlas of the Biblical World (with Robert A. Mullins).

Rev. Dr. Crystal Hall, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, is publishing Insights from Reading the Bible with the Poor.

Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Wengert, emeritus Ministerium of Pennsylvania Professor of Reformation History and representative for the ELCA on the Commission on Faith and Order of the National Council of Churches, had two works published, The Augsburg Confession in Parish Life and Faith, and Word of Life: Introducing Lutheran Hermeneutics.

Alumnus Rev. Lenny Duncan, pastor at Jehu’s Table in Brooklyn, NY, has published Dear Church: A Love Letter from a Black Preacher to the Whitest Denomination in the US.

Dear Church

Alumna Rev. Dr. Terra Schwerin Rowe, currently Assistant Professor of Religion and Ecology at University of North Texas, has Toward a Better Worldliness: Ecology, Economy, and the Protestant Tradition on Fortress’ list.

More Pending Publications

Several others in the ULS community also have upcoming publications.

Rev. Dr. Jon Pahl, Peter Paul and Elizabeth Hagan Professor in the History of Christianity, will have Fethullah Gulen: A Life of Hizmet shortly to be published by Blue Dome Press.

A Festschrift, a collection of writings to honor Rev. Dr. Jerry Christianson, from 1967 to 2008 Central Pennsylvania Synod Professor of Church History, Emeritus, has been published by Brill, Nicholas of Cusa and Times of Transition: Essays in honor of Gerald Christianson.

Current ULS student Kristen Poole, the Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of English Renaissance Literature at the University of Delaware, has published The Bible on the Shakespearean Stage: Cultures of Interpretation in Reformation England, with Thomas Fulton, by Cambridge University Press.

And finally, Brill’s History Catalog 2019 has just been released, and Dr. Vince Evener, Instructor in Reformation and Luther Studies, is the co-editor of Protestants and Mysticism in Reformation Europe (Coming March 2019) in the St. Andrews Studies in Reformation History series.

Labors of Love

That’s quite a list. We congratulate all our community members with publications. These scholarly works are created in addition to teaching and other duties, and are truly labors of love, extending the Word of God in new ideas to the world.

It’s a blessing to know we have such a distinguished group of dedicated scholars in our community, working to live out our mission of Unifying, Learning, and Serving.

Gentle, merciful God, whose Word was made flesh for our salvation, look on our scholarly work with your blessings, and know that our community works always to extend your word, your love and your glory in our community, our neighborhoods, and in the world. In the name of your son, our savior Jesus Christ we pray.


Richard Green
Interim President
United Lutheran Seminary

Significant Events & Updates

American Battlefield Trust Land Sale

Last week ULS and the American Battlefield Trust closed on a land sale that is a special event for the community and the seminary; one of several actions we have initiated to help ensure we have the resources necessary for the offering of our outstanding programs of seminary education.

ELCA Conference of Bishops

Last week I met in Chicago with the leaders of the seven ELCA seminaries during the conference of Bishops meeting. It was a wonderful time to catch up and discuss how we are adapting to the changing world and working together to strengthen the church. Of special significance, the seminary leaders are engaged in discussions with a select group of ELCA Bishops to develop a plan to address equity and racism in our church. We pray that we will create a model approach that will, by the grace of God, serve as an effective and inclusive action model for the ELCA and associated denominations in partnership serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Bishop Guy Erwin of the Southern California region, and a member of the ULS Board of Trustees has been very actively engaged in the equity and inclusion issues with the seminary leaders. After our meeting with the bishops in Chicago, Bishop Erwin posted a very instructive document for which I have received his permission to share with the ULS community.

Rev. Dr. Katie Day’s Retirement Announcement

Katie Day - United Lutheran Seminary

After 34 years of devoted service to her church and theological education, the Rev. Dr. Katie Day informed me last week of her intention to retire at the end of this academic year. In her own words:

“I have been honored to serve on the faculty of L.T.S.P. (and now U.L.S.) since 1985, teaching in the area of Church and Society. With an academic background in social ethics (at Union) and urban sociology (at Temple University), my focus in teaching, research (and life) has been at the intersection of faith and societal dynamics. Over the years I have prepared students to look critically at how the community of faith is shaped by, and shapes its social context. Only then, can we have ministries that make sense and are both faithful and effective.”

We have been blessed by Dr. Day’s faithful service to ULS and we look forward to the special day this year when we celebrate her devotion to and love for theological education.

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