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Allison deForest

Director of the Graduate School, Institutional Assessment, Distributed Learning and Co-op Programs, Adjunct Faculty


The Rev. Dr. Allison deForest serves as the director of graduate programs, director of distributed learning and co-op programs and as director of institutional assessment with responsibility for ULS’ relationships with the Association of Theological Schools and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. She also serves as an adjunct professor teaching classes in New Testament.

“I find deep meaning in teaching and mentoring students,” Dr. deForest said, “and I’m committed to fostering good relationships with our accrediting bodies.”

Dr. deForest has two children, Mallory, who is working in a career as an actor, and Beau, who is pursuing college studies. “I love to sing, and I’m an avid knitter,” she said.


Bachelor of Music, St Olaf College
B.S., (Chemical Engineering), University of New Mexico
M.S., Environmental Engineering, University of Central Florida
M.Div., Wartburg Theological Seminary
Master of Letters, University of St Andrews
Ph.D, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

Mailing Address

7301 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119