A Statement from the ULS Board of Trustees: 10/2

Dear ULS Community,

The Board of Trustees of United Lutheran Seminary acknowledges with sorrow that the patterns and structures of the Seminary, the ELCA and other churches, and our society are all enmeshed in forms of systemic racism. We regret and deplore the ways that racism has been experienced at ULS by persons of color in its community.

Specifically, the Board of Trustees of ULS regrets and repents of our complicity in the systemic racism and intolerance that its community historically has encountered, and we pledge to work to resist it now and reduce it in the future. We support strongly the Seminary community’s development of a Welcome and Equity Statement and look forward to receiving it in final form so that we can make it part of our own commitment to inclusiveness.

We pledge ourselves, as a Board, to engage in anti-racism and inclusivity training, beginning in January 2019, and we ask the Seminary staff, faculty, and students to continue to do the same work. We desire to make diversity training a regular, ongoing part of our Board development, as we also strive to increase the diversity of the Board’s own membership. We are convinced that we ourselves need to do everything that we expect of others, and we believe that we should model for the whole United Lutheran Seminary community our firm belief in the unity and equality of all the children of God.

We ask for your prayers as we begin our own time of reflection and renewal, and we pray for the future healing of the Seminary we love.

You can read the 10/2 update from the ULS Board of Trustees here.

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