Urban Theological Institute (UTI)

For more than 40 years, the Urban Theological Institute at United Lutheran Seminary has been dedicated to providing theological education to church leaders that is relevant and upbuilding for the African American community. If you have a sense God is calling you to be a pastor, to serve as a social justice advocate, Christian educator, chaplain, teacher, or church leader, UTI can equip you with the theological education you need to succeed in your chosen ministry. Through programming and courses, UTI provides opportunities for clergy and laypersons to prepare themselves for service as educated leaders of the church.

Learn more about supporting scholarships through The Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Sr., Chair in African Studies; and The Bishop E.C. Morris Scholarship Fund.

The following degree programs include a Black Church focus:

The Rev. Dr. Quintin Robertson joined the staff in July 2009 as Director of the Urban Theological Institute.

The Rev. Wayne E. Croft, Sr., D.Min, Ph.D., has served as the Jeremiah A. Wright, Sr. Professor of Homiletics and Liturgics in African American Studies since 2011.

Preaching with Power
The major event organized by UTI is the annual Preaching with Power series held each March on the Philadelphia campus and at local churches. A forum on black preaching and theology, featuring distinguished African American preachers and theologians, Preaching with Power celebrates music and preaching in the African American church.

All are welcome to attend individual events or the entire series posted on the ULS calendar.

The Annual UTI Lecture
The UTI celebrates its founding each fall with the UTI Lecture and Worship Celebration, featuring an outstanding scholar and preacher from the African American church. This event can be found on the ULS calendar.

The Wright Chair in African American Studies was established in honor of the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Sr., who in 1949 was one of the first two African Americans to receive an STM degree from the seminary. Pastor Wright served Grace Baptist Church of Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, for more than 40 years. Fund raising continues to make this a fully endowed academic chair at United Lutheran Seminary.

Meet the Director of UTI, Dr. Quintin L. Robertson

The Rev. Dr. Quintin L. Robertson, a native of Newark, NJ, holds ordination in the Baptist Church (Pennsylvania Keystone Baptist Association) and the Church of God in Christ. He serves as Director of the Urban Theological Institute at ULS, overseeing the Black Church Studies program. Prior to joining ULS, he served as Director of Admissions and Recruitment for the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, GA for 10 years.He conducts seminars and workshops, and preaches at churches across denominational lines around the nation.