Town & Country Church Institute

Dedicated to teaching & learning about rural and small town ministry.

71% of all churches in the US have fewer than 100 weekly attendees. The Town & Country Church Institute of United Lutheran Seminary is dedicated to teaching and learning about rural and small town ministry.

44% of all congregations in the US are in open country to towns with populations of fewer than 10,000. Including:

  • 47.5% of ELCA congregations
  • 48% of PCUSA
  • 47% of UCC
  • 37% of EC

Classes include:

  • Rural and Small Church Ministry (3 credits) offered online;
    also offered at Gettysburg campus
  • Equipping the Saints—Rural Church (3 credits) offered online
  • Environmental History of Christianity (3 credits) — Online — Includes Rural History
  • Appalachian Church in Society (3 credits) — Intensive with immersion
  • Immersion in Appalachia sponsored by Appalachian Ministries Educational Resource Center, or other opportunities.

Students who complete the Rural & Small Church Ministry course, an immersion, and electives related to rural or small town ministry, may qualify for a Concentration in Town and Country Church Ministry (CTCCM). Inquire with TCCI Director Gil Waldkoenig.

“Certificate in Ecology & Theology”  A study option through the Washington Theological Consortium, an ecumenical and inter-faith team of theological schools.

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