Anglican Studies Program


The United Lutheran Seminary has long expressed an ecumenical partnership with the ECUSA through a relationship with the Diocese of Pennsylvania. For more than thirty-five years Episcopal seminarians have been receiving theological education at LTSP.  In today’s climate, we welcome those who are seeking formation, education and opportunity in both lay and ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church.

Whether beginning your theological education closer to home before placement at an Episcopal seminary or taking the opportunity to study with an excellent faculty in such an ecumenical environment, we welcome your interest in the Anglican Studies program.  The experience of education and formation that LTSP offers, with the concentration in Anglican studies, expresses, we believe, the best of the Common Mission to which we are called.

Certificate in Anglican Studies

The Certificate will be earned after the successful completion of at least 8.0 course units for credit with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0.

Core Courses
Essentials of Anglicanism
Poets, Mystics and Theologians
The Theology of the Book of Common Prayer
Eucharist and the Koinonia of the Church

Supplemental Courses
(Intermittent or other areas)
Modern Anglican Theology
Anglican Social Ethics

MDiv/MA With Certificate in Anglican Studies
Students taking the MDiv or MA degree can concurrently earn a Certificate in Anglican Studies.

STM in Anglican Studies
There are two forms of the STM degree: The STM With Thesis consists of eight course units in advanced program courses plus a thesis. At least four of the course units and the thesis must be in Anglican Studies. The STM With Integrative Oral Examination (no thesis) consists of ten course units in advanced program courses plus an oral integrative examination that draws together the studies in the major area of study.

Program Director

The Rev. Dr. Storm Swain
Director of the Anglican Studies Program