Faculty Areas of Expertise

Our faculty hold expertise in a wide variety of areas and are available for inquiries from other seminaries, academic colleagues and institutions, and the media.

Rev. Dr. R. Guy Erwin

President and Ministerium of Pennsylvania Chair and Professor of Reformation Studies
Areas of expertise: Martin Luther: Life and Thought | ‍Reformation History | European and world Lutheranism | Christianity in Germany | History of Higher Education.

Dr. Kyle K. Schiefelbein-Guerrero

The Steck-Miller Assistant Professor of Worship and Liturgy
Areas of expertise: Rituals in religion | Christian worship and prayer | Online theological education | Technology and religion | Sickness, dying and death.

Rev. Dr. Martin Otto Zimmann

Adjunct Faculty, Church and Society       
Areas of expertise:  Nostalgia and Religion/Stewardship Practices | Critical Race Theory | Palestinian-Israeli Conflict | Digital Media and Mental Health | Rapture Theology

Rev. Dr. Teresa L. Smallwood

The James Franklin Kelly and Hope Eyster Kelly Associate Professor of Public Theology
Areas of expertise: Womanist Ethics and Theology |  20c. Theology | Ethics (Christian & Social)
| Racial Justice | Cultural Criticism | Practical Theology Public Theology.

Rev. Dr. J. Jayakiran Sebastian

The H. George Anderson Chair and Professor of Mission and Cultures, Dean of Seminary, and Vice President of Student Services
Areas of expertise:  Baptismal history and theology | Early teachers of faith, especially Cyprian of Carthage | Conversion and debates on conversion in India | Asian Christian theology, especially Dalit theology and praxis | Missiology and missiological challenges and opportunities in interfaith contexts.

Rev. Dr. Reed Carlson

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Areas of expertise: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament | Second Temple Jewish Literature | Social Science Approaches to Biblical Interpretation | The Study of Religion | Pentecostal/ Charismatic Christian Religious Traditions.

Dr. Jon Pahl

The Peter Paul and Elizabeth Hagan Chair and Professor of the History of Christianity
Ares of expertise: Fethullah Gulen and the global Hizmet (Service) Movement | Religions and Violence (violence linked to age, race, and/or gender) | Religions and PeacebuildingReligions in America (Indigenous, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist) | The History of Christianity, beginnings to the present.

Rev. Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman

 The Herman G. Stuempfle Associate Professor of Homiletics
Areas of expertise: Preaching and Technology | Digital Preaching and Liturgy | Preaching without Notes | Race, Gender, Sexuality and Leadership/Ministry | Liturgical Preaching.

Dr. Vincent Evener

Associate Professor of Reformation and Luther Studies
Areas of expertise: Reformation | Mysticism and Spirituality | Martin Luther | Anti-Judaism/Anti-Semitism | Passion Piety.